Members of Modern Baseball:

Brendan Lukens

Jake Ewald

Sean Huber

Ian Farmer


WTSR: In September, you surprised and pleased us with Revenge of the Nameless Ranger. In October, the Thrash Particle came out and I cried.

Ian Farmer: Well, I’m sorry that it was that bad.

Brendan Lukens: Man, that was a really harsh review, man.

WTSR: They were tears of joy! So… November????

Brendan Lukens: Maybe sooner, maybe never.


WTSR: Alright, I dig it. You guys just released that music video for Rock Bottom. What was the inspiration for that video? Rock Bottom has always been one of my favorite songs, and was, you know, about girls and stuff.

Brendan Lukens: Us, along with Kyle Thrash, who’s done all of our videos so far, decided to go in a more meta direction. After us doing all the tours and doing all the band stuff, and we had already done a video for Your Graduation that fits the theme you’re talking about. This time around, we wanted something more, along with Kyle wanting something more challenging. And he did that, with us rotating on that dolly.

Jake Ewald: It all wasn’t one shot, but the whole video is like two cuts.

Sean Huber: We rented out a warehouse and that was built.

Brendan Lukens: Those rooms were built, and then there’s a dolly in the middle that’s being turned as this is happening.

Ian Farmer: And it’s wild, cause they would tear down the rooms and build new ones in like a few hours.

Brendan Lukens: So the first half of the video that you see was shot at night. And the second half of the video was shot during the day. Now the best understanding of that video is if you watch the first thirty seconds.

Sean Huber: We, more so than many other bands, have a very close relationship with Kyle. He’s part of the team. It’s not like we put out a record and people email us submissions and write us treatments. He’s an integral part of the team.

Ian Farmer: Yeah, he’s just a really good friend of ours who happens to make incredible music videos.

Brendan Lukens: He really just gets us.


WTSR: Have you guys ever considered doing a music video for one of your less popular songs, like 240 or How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?

Brendan Lukens: Not a Modern Baseball song.


Brendan Lukens: Nope, not a Modern Baseball song.

Jake Ewald: That’d be cool, but I don’t think it’s a business thing anyone would let us do.

Brendan Lukens: If we were going to do it, now would be the time, with us pressing everything from the beginning.

Sean Huber: If one of our friends wanted to make a piece of art, sure, we would love to do that.


WTSR: Wait, so How To Tell a Girl I Want To Kiss Her is not a Modern Baseball song?

Brendan Lukens: It’s not a Modern Baseball song.

Jake Ewald: It’s Brendan’s solo project.

WTSR: The internet lied to me…

Ian Farmer: It’s really funny.

Brendan Lukens: That is a lie.

Ian Farmer: It’s like the telephone game.

Brendan Lukens: It is like that!

WTSR: I’m like going to go home and cry.

Jake Ewald: Don’t keep crying over us!

Brendan Lukens: Young Thug wrote that song!

WTSR: My whole life is a lie now.


Watch the interview below, courtesy of TCNJ Lions Television.


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Interview by Nick Wodeshick, photo by Kim Ilkowski.



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